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All-weather portable LED projector-ULTRA-3000

Product Detail Information

All-weather portable LED projector (ULTRA-3000)

  • Projection light (LED 24W) + Near street light (halogen 35W) + Rear warning light(LED 1W)
  • 5 hours
  • Ultrastrong projection light (LED movable projector)
  • DC duration : 5 hours


  • All-weather portable design so it can be used in poor environments
  • Internal battery can be used in areas without power source. AC 220 power for continued use
  • LED projector heat sink processed to minimize heat emission

This product can be used as AC 220V/DC 12V (automobile) recharge ? consistent
use at AC mode is possible, and in case of emergencies, embedded battery will
supply power to be used as hand cart.

│Product features│

  • Connection to AC 220V / Car (12V) : Continued use available when connected to
    car (DC12V) : Continued use of sub-light (35W) possible
  • Can run on internal battery power in case emergency : height adjustable : level 1 :
    1,050mm / level 2: 1,440mm
  • Near lighting (sub-lamp): 3m cord makes it installable in small areas
  • Adjustable lamp height and angle
  • Confirmation of recharge and discharge (meter) function
    - red: time to recharge
    - yellow: being recharged
    - green: recharge complete
    When round switch is pressed, the lamp is turned on and the recharge status shows up in the meter.
  • Battery protection circuit : Designed to prevent overcharge
  • Input power : AC220V(60Hz)
    time it takes to fully recharge : 12 hours