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Emergency LED Twin light (ULED-200)

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Emergency LED Twin light (ULED-200)

  • Firefighting inspection product
  • High luminous intensity LED 8W
  • Attachable Concentration 4W
  • Concentration 4W
  • 60 minutes


Twin light demonstrates space or building structure unrestricted optimal performance when used for fire, power failure, emergency,
work, etc., thanks to its twin design head.
Through current stability and uniform brightness, LED life has been lengthened, and perfect PCB design through LED emergency light
will secure clear view during disasters.

│Features of Twin Light│

  • Immediate automatic lighting through internal circuit detection during power failure or emergencies.
  • Operation confirmation switch :
    Pressing the test switch will confirm normal operation.
  • Adjustment of lamp angle :
    Head can be adjusted top, bottom, left, and right according to the structure of the building
  • Battery protection circuit : Overcharge prevention circuit design
  • Recharge input power : AC220V(60Hz)