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Emergency LED Panel light (ULED-12ST)

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Emergency LED Panel light (ULED-12ST)

  • Firefighting inspection product
  • LED 50W
  • T Bar
  • Can be used as emergency light
  • 60 minutes


  • Easy to install all-in-one LED Panel light (normal + emergency light)
  • LED lamp has high color rendition, making it effective for quickly finding escape routes in case of fire caused by disasters.
  • Compared to other lighting equipment, it has high energy efficiency, and has 40 times longer life compared to fluorescent light, resulting in over 30% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Environmentally friendly emergency light does not contain mercury or other toxins and emits low UV and infrared ray will suppress aging of exhibits and penetration by bugs.
  • Independent technology of Union Light Co., Ltd. has minimized light emission to the minimum ? no preheating time is necessary, and there is no flickering when light is turned on (instant-on lighting), protecting eyesight.
  • Reduction in construction cost: All-in-one LED Panel light can be installed in areas with low ceilings or in confined areas. Economical product will
    reduce construction cost due to its easy installation.